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Partner portal

Walmart exposes a dashboard for its vendors(DSV’s and Marketplace sellers) to view their order information for walmart.com orders. Vendors can receive new orders, acknowledge them and communicate to Walmart once shipped. The old application which provided the sellers to do these tasks is called Partner Portal.

Business case



I was the sole designer for the dashboard. Worked along with dev team, product team and business stakeholders. .


Due to some constraints, primary research was not possible at the start of project. Based on the product meetings and the feedback about existing portal, new designs were created. After completing the designs, we went to few vendors in San Fransico to validate the assumptions we made while creating the new designs. Most of the assumptions were to the point, and the new interface could cater to their needs.

Dashboard Design

The information in dashboard is divided based on ESD (estimated shipping date) and the tasks vendor has to do. They are listed below- The super script beside each tab gives the total number of shipments inside that category.

The PO numbers can be clicked to open up the PO details. The PO details are displayed in a full screen modal. Default status of the line item is 'Ordered'. The seller can update the status to acknowledge/shipped etc. and then update the details accordingly.