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Walmart Locker Delivery

What are lockers?

Walmart partners with bybox to provide locker facility to its customers. These are temperature controlled units placed at stores or remote locations. Walmart customers can order online and pickup from these lockers.

Business case



Worked with another designer and product team.


A quick study on how the associate loads the order in the locker at a pilot locker was done. This gave us a better understanding and context of the tasks of the user. We also tried our hands on collecting a parcel from competitor’s locker to see how different it is from Walmart lockers.

Information Architecture

Loading of order items into a locker comprises of lot of tasks. Some of them for example are - Based on the understanding about the process a rough IA was created to accommodate all the tasks of the locker loading. After few iterations and feedback final IA was chalked out.

Interaction Design

After the IA was finalised, the wireframes were created covering all the tasks the associate has to perform to load the lockers..