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Kirana Mitra


This project was sponsored by Walmart Labs, Bangalore. This was part of my desing internship programme at NID. Duration for the project was around 5 months.

Kirana Stores

Till date 92% of the retail sector is unorganized in India. The major chunk of the unorganized retail sector in India include the local neighbourhood stores. These are regular mom and pop stores which are locally known as “Kirana stores’ and the shopkeepers are known as ‘Kiranawallas’. These shops are generally family owned and are operated on a small scale. The shops are small in size generally randing from 10- sq.ft. to 500 sq.ft.


How can Kirana shops be enabled to go online and yet serve their local loyal customers in a streamlined way? This project explores to create an ecosystem of the entire experience with various touchpoints.

Design Process


Step 1 was to understand the existing players in the market. Competitive analysis was done to understand and compare the various b-2-b and b-2-c paltforms. Key takeaways from the secondary research were -
  • The convenience and accessibility that the local grocery shops provide to the customers is unmatched.
  • Many players in the market have come up with different models for partnering with the local daily need shops, but no one has yet made a mark and emerged as a single player.
  • There are very few players in serving the business-to-business aspect of the ‘Kirana Shops Ecosystem’. To the serve their customers effeciently, they need a reliable supply chain management system.

  • Step 2 was to conduct a primary research. Method adopted was contextual inquiry. Various store formats were covered and the operating model was understood.

    Core functional areas across the stores

    Persona & Scenario

    The existing scenario and the pain points of the shopkeeper have been captured through a video. Follwing are a few highlights of the video-

    Final Concept

    This final concept was a service for Kirana shopkeepers and customers. There were too many players in the market providing a platform for business-to-customers. The area less explored in this ecosystem was business-to-business. The final concept focused on designing a platform for shopkeepers to use the b2b service provided by Walmart.

    The product would be positioned as -
    • Become friend of Kirana shopkeeper and help him take the right decisions for inventory management of his store.
    • Become one stop shop for all supply needs of Kirana shopkeeper.

    Benefits for shopkeeper-
    • Single reliable supply destination for all needs
    • Update with all latest market trends
    • Ensure maximum savings
    • Ease of transaction
    • Save transportation efforts and cost
    • Save warehousing cost
    • Adapt to techonology
    • Save time

    Benefits for Walmart-
    • Opportunities to win trust of shopkeepers and become their single trusted supply destination
    • High vendor adoption rate
    • Repeat business leading to more revenue and profitability
    • Opportunity to forecast and give personalize experience to shopkeepers
    • Selling advertisement/branding space to different companies

    Information Architecture

    Visual Design

    The visual design was done by keeping in mind the Walmart brand and the Indian context where the product will be used.

    Mockups & Prototype

    After wireframing the final high fidelity mock ups were designed and a clickable prototype was created using axure.

    Value proposition video

    This video explains the existing scenario in the life of Kirana shopkeepers. It also depicts how the scenario will change when the proposed product/service is provided to them by Kiranamitra.