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Check-in Associate App

Pick Up

Walmart provides its customers the facility to order online and collect the items from the store or remote locations. This helps customers to collect the items based on their convenient timings and also helps them save shipping charges.


Check-in feature was started with the aim to reduce the waiting time for customers who don't want to bother about standing in lines for payment and collecting their stuff. The customer can check in from various channels like app, sms, kiosks etc.

Once the customer checks in, location services are enabled and the Walmart associate is notified about it that the customer is on her way to pick up the order. This will give the associate enough time to gather all the items from the refrigerated truck or store so that when the customer arrives, order is ready to be placed in the car/or to be delivered to the customer at the desk.

There is a customer interface and an associate interface for this feature. Integrated Check-In is an app that is used by the associates to serve the customers when they arrive at the store for pickup.

Business Case



Worked with another designer, product team, business stakeholders and dev team.


To understand the processes and tasks associates do I visited couple of stores. The sessions inculded shadowing associates while they prep for pickup orders. It also included the understanding of different pickup formats used by customers.

Information Architecture

After understanding the requirments from product and business, we came up with an IA depicting the tasks user will have and the information required for each task.


After the IA was finalised, the wireframes were created covering all the major flows.

High fidelity mockups

After product and business reviews the final flows were locked in. High fidelity mock-ups and protoype were created and the design was out to be developed. UX reviews ensured the app had the same look and feel as it was designed for. The app is live currently in Walmart stores and helping associates to serve the customers on a daily basis.