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In cities like Bangalore where people come from different parts of country, it becomes important to speak local language for basic everyday communication. This project aimed at creating a learning tool for Kannada language which can be replicated to learn any other local/regional language as well. This project was part of my design education program at NID. It was designed in a team with two other students.


The target users for the learning system would be any person who does not know Kannada and is staying in Bangalore. So the next steps were to analyse some existing learning applications out there in the market and then interview people regarding problems they face while learning Kannada.



After talking to people and finding out the pain points, we tried to answer some of the questions. What could be the possible delivery modes of the information? In what situations people need the language most? How do we learn a language in real life? Some of the ideas we landed upon are following-

Information Architecture

Basic content to start with teaching the language was collected and classified into different sections. These were the generic pronouns, verbs and adjectives used in basic conversation. Next was basic sentences formed from these basic words collected before. Then came the conversations which were situation specific, like hiring an auto, talking to maid, etc. Apart from these there were numbers, relationships, etc. which are also important for forming a base of learning language. Below is the hierarchy for how the content is organized inside the application.


Visual Design

Mockups & Prototype





Word Bank

Quick Lookup

Value proposition video